Frequently Asked Questions


  • Brackets:  The ceramic, clear or metal attachment bonded to each individual tooth.
  • Bands, elastic tie or ligature:  A small ring, which comes in many colors, that fits around the bracket and ties the wire into bracket.  They are used to customize the braces and enhance the orthodontic experience.
  • Wax: Wax is used to alleviate irritations caused by braces and/or wires.  The wax is applied over the brackets creating a very smooth surface that helps protect the cheeks and lips from irritations that sometimes happen after getting braces and/or new wires.
  • Wire:  The metal wire track that guides your teeth into alignment. The metal wire attaches to the brackets to gently align the teeth. It is changed periodically during treatment as teeth move to new positions.

Q: How Long Will I need Orthodontic Treatment?

A: In general, most patients will be in treatment between 1 and 2 years. Treatment length is dependent upon patient compliance. Keeping regular appointments, keeping your appliances in good condition (not breaking them), good oral hygiene are all important in the treatment schedule.