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The initial exam is set up for you to determine your or your child’s orthodontic needs. The exam will be done at no charge, as a service to you and your family and/or your dentist. You do not need a referral to schedule your first visit. We will work closely with your family dentist to offer you the best of care.

At your first visit, Dr. Do will examine your or your child’s bite, facial soft tissue, teeth, and TMJ. Dr. Do will then review all of this information and will present you with treatment alternatives. He will answer any questions you may have, give you an estimate of the treatment time and cost if treatment is required. Dr. Do may suggest that you return At a later time to monitor future growth and development of your teeth etc.

If treatment is recommended, we will schedule your next visit which will include:

  • Exam/Health History
  • Impressions of your teeth and bite
  • X-rays
  • Photographs of the face and teeth

Following this appointment, Dr. Do will develop the final diagnosis and discuss treatment alternatives, risks/benefits of treatment, and answer any questions you may have.

Treatment will begin after this process. After this your braces have been places on your teeth, monthly appointments are needed to monitor progress and make the necessary changes to support your goal of a healthier, more beautiful smile! You can visit for more information.

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